Onkyo launches its first Network Mini HiFi receiver… with onboard Spotify

Press Release dated: 25 Jul 2012

Onkyo is pleased to announce the release of the CR-N755 Networked CD Hi-Fi Mini receiver, its first to offer access to the Spotify music streaming service, as well as thousands of free internet radio stations and network-based digital music libraries.

It's true to say a whole new world of music awaits the user once the CR-N755 is connected to their home network*. Configured to offer immediate access to the most popular online streaming music services - including Spotify,, AUPEO!, and vTuner - setup is just a matter of entering the users’ account details.

It gets better. Owners can download free, easy to use remote apps for iPhone/iPod touch and Android-based phones that allow them to browse all of the above services on their smartphones, streaming their chosen content to the CR-N755 via the home network with just a few taps on their touchscreen. And Home Media and DLNA menu options within the app make streaming music (including Apple Lossless and FLAC) from computer or NAS a cinch.

As well packing a quality front-loading CD player and AM/FM tuner, the CR-N755 features a USB port to digitally link an iPhone, iPod, or flash-memory device, for the highest possible sound quality. Playback and track selection are easily controlled using the system remote.

Furthermore, with the addition of Onkyo’s optional UBT-1 aptX Bluetooth adapter, users can wirelessly stream CD-quality audio to the CR-N755 from almost any mobile phone or smartphone, tablet, or personal computer.

Onkyo is a brand synonymous with the highest quality sound so it will come as no surprise to discover this mini system is fitted with 96 kHz/24-bit optical and coaxial digital inputs and a 192 kHz/24-bit DAC for high-resolution audio.
Those digital inputs are ideal for connecting a Mac or PC and playing lossless digital libraries with room-filling sound. Want to improve the sound quality from your HDTV? Just connect the optical output from your TV to the CR-N755 for an instant sound quality boost (the unit also features a dedicated subwoofer pre-out for even greater low bass performance).

Onkyo is proud to confirm that the CR-N755 features the same type of circuitry that drives Onkyo’s legendary high-end A/V receivers and hi-fi amplifiers, delivering a major boost to audio quality with uncommon levels of clarity and dynamics.

A key enhancement to Onkyo’s WRAT (Wide Range Amplifier Technology), the Three-Stage Inverted Darlington Circuitry amplifies incoming signals through a discrete triple transistor array (to reduce distortion) while the amplifier’s low negative-feedback topology coaxes new energy and life from recorded music. Another high-end inclusion is VLSC noise-mitigation technology, which works with the high-end onboard DAC to almost completely remove digital pulse noise from audio signals.

Internally, the left and right channels on this mini system are symmetrically laid out, with short signal pathways to reduce interference, eliminate errors between channels, and deliver well-separated stereo sound. This design approach has slashed noise to essentially negligible levels.

Another advance comes in the form of Onkyo’s Phase-Matching Bass Boost system. While most compact audio systems offer some form of bass enhancement, most suffer from the effects of phase shifting, a trait that can overwhelm mid-range frequencies and muddy the sound. Onkyo’s phase-matching bass solution preserves mid-range clarity - allowing vocals and strings to shine - while maintaining a powerful low-frequency presence, at all volumes.

Combined, these advanced audio technologies not only make the CR-N755 the best-equipped mini hifi receiver in its class, but also by far the best sounding.

For those that want a complete system there's the option of Onkyo's excellent D-055 bookshelf speakers, fitted with high quality N-OMF (Onkyo Micro Fibre) speaker cones. Moulded layers of aramid and lightweight non-woven cotton provide the perfect balance of stiffness and sensitivity required for fast and accurate response. Durable N-OMF combines with an equalizer cap to absorb vibrations and enable precise audio reproduction.

This system, purchased with or without speakers, allows music to be drawn from a variety of sources - from compact disc and radio to smartphone and the internet - and enjoyed with the sort of precision normally associated with the audio maker’s top-end separates. Combine that with Onkyo’s elegant design and superlative build standards, which will ensure reliable service for years to come, and you have a truly class-leading new mini hifi system that lets you enjoy music, however you want to listen.

*via LAN cable or wirelessly using the optional UWF-1 adapter


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