THX™ Ultra2™ & THX™ Surround EX™

Receivers that bear this badge of honor give you the new reference standard in home entertainment performance. You’re provided with ultimate eight-channel (7.1) playback of any 5.1 multi-channel program—enjoy reference-standard playback of music as well as movies. In addition, the video switching handles all wide-bandwidth sources, such as HDTV and progressive scan, without any picture degradation.

Products with this feature.
TX-NR905 7.1-Channel Home Network Receiver

Meet the standout leader of Onkyo’s new range of home theatre heroes. Embracing all of the technologies synonymous with the 2007 line-up—including HDMI 1.3a, Dolby®…

TX-SR805 7.1-Channel Home Theatre Receiver

In terms of the evolution of home entertainment, recent years have seen a quantum leap. It's a formidable progression when you think of 1080p high-definition video and…

RDC-7.1 Reference A/V Controller

The face, with its curved, solid-aluminium front panel, truly belies what’s contained inside. Of course you have the latest formats--THX Surround EX, Dolby Pro Logic IIx…