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My active subwoofer is buzzing - what can I do?

The hum of a powered subwoofer can have various causes.

As a rule, a so-called "ground loop", which is caused by ground potential differences. Due to the potential differences between two grounded points, a current flows on the connecting line between two devices, a voltage drop has the result that is then amplified as a signal. There is a 50 Hz hum in the subwoofer result.

The connecting cables are typically coaxial cable as antenna cable, RCA audio cables, HDMI cables, etc., have a shield which is connected to the device ground.
About these ground lines, the devices are now unwittingly into a "loop", via which a current flows. BEWARE solving Ground loops may cause insanity due to the fact they can be very hard to remove in some cases !!

To prevent this you have to loop through "galvanic decoupling" Cut, without impairing the function of the joints.

This is done through so-called:

  • Bypass filter in the antenna cable (FM)
  • Galvanic separation filter in the LAN cable

Should not be used, ref. is prohibited:

  • Bypass filter in the antenna line of satellite equipment
  • Masking of the grounding of the power plug with electrical tape
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